Play Mat Options

Hello all,

A quick update to let you know things are progressing steadily and our promo copies should be on their way to reviewers shortly!

But most importantly today, we want your opinion on the play mats.  We have been looking in more detail at the possible materials for them and are considering offering 2 qualities of mat, priced at different pledge levels accordingly, and wondered what you thought of the options.

The first type would be a fairly simple PVC or PET type material, similar to that used for roller banners and the like (eg  Last week we played some X-Wing on such a mat and were pleasantly surprised at how well it unrolled flat and felt good to play on.  So, as a relatively cheap and durably option, we are now considering it for lower tier pledges or as a possible stretch goal for all backers.

The second type would be made from mouse-mat style material, such as produced by  These are obviously of a higher quality and higher cost material, but offer a much more luxurious and comfortable playing surface.  They would form part of the higher tier pledges.

Both types can take the same high quality print, so the visual quality of each should be comparable.  The question is which type you might be interested in and whether offering two quality/cost versions is something that appeals to our future backers?  So let us know what you think!